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When operating an air compressor, there are many ways to increase its longevity and cut down on repairs. However, the most important of all air compressor tips and hints is to choose one that fits your needs. There is no better way to waste money with your compressed air system than by choosing an air compressor that is too large for your needs and allowing it to run constantly.

Once you have found a compressor that is the right size for your needs, keep up with proper maintenance. Ex: if your compressor uses oil, then always check the oil level. A compressor that is not properly lubricated is easily damaged by heat and corrosion. Make sure your air compressor filter is clean to keep your system running efficiently.

There are many air compressor tips and hints to help you reduce the cost of running your air compressor. Check your entire system for leaks, and check it regularly. A simple leak in the hose may seem innocent, but it can end up costing you thousands of dollars a year, especially if you have several of these leaks in your system. By conducting regular air audits, you can make sure your system is not losing air.

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