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Compressed air represents one of the greatest opportunities to save electricity on a typical industrial site.

    * Saving 1 unit of compressed air saves 10 units of electricity
    * People think it’s free, or very cheap so it is wasted and misused.
    * High leakage rate inherent in most compressed air systems
    * Compressed air systems and work practices evolve over years, rarely in an energy efficient manner

Most compressed air issues can be solved with a basic knowledge of how a compressed air system works and some enthusiasm to investigate.

No energy saving measures should compromise either the reliability or the safety of the compressed air system.

The largest single saving which can be made in a typical system, is to employ a leak management program. Many carry out leak detection but do not realize potential savings by then repairing the leaks on an ongoing basis. You can startyour own leak program in-house or employ a specialist contractor .

Another major influence on air consumption is the users. People often use compressed air just because it’s there, not because it is the most appropriate or best solution. Cleaning down workbenches and overalls with compressed air blow guns is both extremely wasteful and an unsafe practice.


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