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Although companies may not realize it, the cost of compressed air can actually be quite expensive, especially if there is a leak in the system. Because the actual air has no cost, many companies forget about the cost of the electricity it takes to run their compressed air system. However, compressed air cost can vary depending on usage, load, and the efficiency of the system. Because many people don’t consider air a cost, they may ignore leaks and inefficient systems, resulting in extra costs of thousands of dollars a year. For example, an air leak of only 3/8” can cost a company that uses 336,960 cubic feet of air a day over $20,000 dollars a year (at a cost of $0.18/MCF).

If you want to reduce your compressed air cost, the first step in the process is conducting an air audit. An air audit will reveal any leaks and areas that can be improved upon. Further, many companies have compressed air systems that are far too large for their needs. Determining your usage can also help you realize if you are wasting money with an unnecessarily large system.

Three Rivers Compressed Air Systems offers air audits, we can also advise you on making your system more efficient, as well as selling new and used air compressors at low prices. Call or email us today.


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