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Compressed Air Systems Controls
The on-site generation of compressed air for your manufacturing processes is one of the most expensive utility costs you have.  Typically, the cost of energy for one year of operation exceeds the initial purchase cost of the equipment.  It only makes good economic sense to control the compressed air equipment in order to gain the most efficient and reliable operation available.
Most compressed air systems operate at a pressure well above the actual requirements on the process floor.  This is because of the idea that it's best to have too much of something than too little.  It is also common for manufacturing operations to run more compressed air horsepower than is actually required.  This increases the wear and tear on the compressed air equipment, it increases the maintenance cost and more importantly, it increases the cost of energy required to operate the manufacturing facility.

Three Rivers Compressed Air Systems supplies our customers with local control upgrades or replacements, and provides system-level controllers to improve efficiency and reliability.  We have the experience and expertise to specify, design and install control components and we can show you how to apply this technology to improve your efficiency, reliability, and to allow you to get a competitive edge by improving the bottom line.  Call us at 260-248-8908 or e-mail us for more information on our local or system level control systems.
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