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Air System Audits
Some compressed air system auditing companies would like you to believe that auditing a compressed air system is just short of rocket science.  On the surface, they appear to be genuinely interested in helping you increase the efficiency and reliability of your compressed air system, but are only in the auditing business in order to sell you more equipment.  Other auditing companies send a salesman to visit your plant for a few hours, attach a logging device, and then use the data to produce a report showing a worst-case scenario for you, but what is really a best-case scenario for the auditing company, again to sell you on the latest and greatest technology.

Three Rivers Compressed Air Systems approach is very different.  Our compressed air system auditors have over 20 years experience in compressed air systems.  They have received training from The Compressed Air Challenge, and adhere strictly to the guidelines provided by the Department of Energy.  Our recommendations will be product neutral, and based on what's right for your company.  We provide a complete suite of compressed air system surveys, from ultrasonic leak detection to full plant-wide compressed air efficiency audits.  No rocket science, no smoke and mirrors, just a common sense approach to gaining the efficiency and reliability you need.

We will be happy to discuss your situation, requirements, and goals and provide a sample report to show you exactly what you are getting for your investment.  We will also be glad to provide training for operators and maintenance personnel, to show ways you can improve your efficiency and reliability even before an audit is commenced.  Contact us at 888-359-9555 or e-mail us at to learn more about the auditing services we provide and how we can help you operate your compressed air system with improved efficiency and reliability.



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